Colorful, Hand-Fused Glass: The Knobs & Pulls by GlassFancy

GlassFancy spells it out exactly how it is. Whether we’re referring to the name of the company or the products listed, the artisan craftswoman behind the small company is a straight shooter. In fact, her Knobs & Pulls prove it: they’re fancy, glassy and fully-functioning cabinet knobs or pulls for the kitchen or bathroom space that curb your interior from the dreaded cookie-cutter look into an artfully-curated space.

Knobs & Pulls. Designed and Manufactured by GlassFancy.

Detail Your Interior Design with the Bright and Colorful Feel of Fused Glass Knobs & Pulls by GlassFancy.

The Knobs & Pulls collection of handmade glass are created by a German designer named Kerstin (who goes by the name “Kim”). She heats the glass to permanently join two separate pieces of colored glass. Without losing their individual colorings, the glass fuses together. Then, the metal inclusions are laid within the glass. The metal is 99.9%  pure silver, and threaded with standard 8-32 screw hooks. Both the knobs and pulls can be made with different color bases – including a satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze base – and for easy installation, one 8-32 screw is included with each fused glass knob.

Knobs & Pulls. Designed and Manufactured by GlassFancy.

Within the vast collection of colors and shapes, styles and small to large sizes, the Knobs & Pulls by GlassFancy could be the perfect fitting design for any kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and any other area that might need a facelift on drab doorknobs. Choose between individual designs specific to the color scheme you need or opt for the package deal that GlassFancy offers, including 7 furniture knobs in the following colors: (1) olive and green, (1) olive, turquoise, and blue, (1) blue and turquoise, (1) dark and deco gray, (1) amber, brown, and yellow, (1) bronze, vanilla, and brown, (1) red and orange. The size of the knobs shown are 1-1/8″ squared and stands out approximately one inch from the cabinet or drawer’s surface.

Knobs & Pulls. Designed and Manufactured by GlassFancy.

Adorn your cabinetry with fused, colorful glass Knobs & Pulls by GlassFancy for an easy way to spice up the look and feel of any room within the home.

About the Designer/Manufacturer: The Knobs & Pulls by GlassFancy add a colorful handmade accents to your accessories for any room in your home. With fused glass pieces adorning cabinets and drawers as well as the designer’s passion for animals, she manages to create pieces that are both long-lasting and resilient, as well as harmonious with pre-exisiting spaces.

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