CF Group-Thonet’s Moss-Nook is Modular Seating with a Difference

Not to be confused with either the recent Book Nook by Dave Pickett or the even more recent Moss Seating System by Keilhauer, CF Group-Thonet’s Moss – Nook represents a new approach to the collaborative office. Or, as CF Group Ceo Seamus Bateson puts it, “a heritage of environments that are both collaborative and create a sense of community.”

Moss – Nook. Manufactured by CF Group-Thonet.

Moss – Nook Facilitates Productive Collaboration

Being the borderline misanthrope that I am, I can’t say I’ve ever had a working situation that I’d characterize as a happy community, but perhaps that would have been different had we outfitted the digs with Moss – Nook.

Moss - Nook. Manufactured by CF Group-Thonet.

The collection consists of lounge chairs that double as conference furniture. Or, perhaps I should say, the most comfortable conference furniture this side of Chicago (Moss – Nook debuted at this yea’s NeoCon). The basic unit is a rigid foam upholstered chair. Options include standard seatback, high seatback for enhanced privacy, and a counter-height incarnation.

CF-Thonet is especially proud of this last option, as it facilitates eye contact among conference participants, whether they’re standing or sitting. It also allows freer movement into and out of Moss – Nook’s protective circle, again enhancing the sense of community and productive collaboration: “Counter height is a key format in this collection; it allows a much easier transition between sitting and standing positions, thus allowing participants to come and go freely without inconveniencing other members of the team.”

Moss - Nook. Manufactured by CF Group-Thonet.

Other Moss – Nook components include seats in quarter circle, half circle, convex, and concave shapes. All of these are easy to put together, courtesy of Moss- Nook’s convenient accompanying connector tables, which also feature the perk of integrated, easily-accessible power.

About the Manufacturer: Since 1830 when Michael Thonet made the first strides with bentwood furniture in the form of the iconic and immensely influential Thonet Chair, the name has been synonymous with innovation and hand-crafted quality. The millennial incarnation of Thonet produces equally innovative and exceedingly comfortable contract furniture, including lounge seating, tandem seating, modular seating, and tables.

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