The Sunday Kitchen Rack by Reinhard Dienes

What’s your favorite thing about Sunday? Sleeping in? Rising early and getting to the first fresh bagels before the ravenous hordes? Or perhaps you reserve Sunday for groceries, which—if you’re lucky enough to live in striking distance of a neighborhood market with good local produce—can actually be a pleasant experience. Designer Reinhold Dienes seems to embrace this tradition of Sunday shopping with his “Sunday” Kitchen Rack: it’s a portable, space-saving storage unit with a penchant for vertical organization.

Sunday Kitchen Rack. Designed by Reinhard Dienes.

Customize Your Comestibles with the Sunday Kitchen Rack

The Sunday Kitchen Rack. Designed by Reinhard Dienes.

Sunday is ingeniously simple. Boasting a spare design inspired by open shelving, Sunday consists of simple wooden side panels and a variety of differently-sized food storage modules. The modules can be place at any height, thus allowing you to arrange foodstuffs in the order most conducive to your style of cooking.

The Sunday Kitchen Rack. Designed by Reinhard Dienes.

The modules feature different widths and depths, as well as open or lidded styles, thus facilitating maximum space for larger items with thick skins (think potatoes or un-peeled fruits); while providing sensitive comestibles (like lettuce or berries) protection from the elements.

The Sunday Kitchen Rack. Designed by Reinhard Dienes.

Sunday is lightweight. The unit is quite portable and easily adjustable, so it makes the jump from kitchen to kitchen (or from against the wall to center stage) with relative ease. Additional perks include an integrated electrical socket with multiple outlets for kitchen appliances and a top-side fluorescent lamp and shade that functions as a miniature greenhouse.

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About the Designer: Designer Reinhard Dienes evolved from student in Industrial Design at the Academy of Arts and Design (Offenbach am Main, Germany), to instructor at same, to founder and lead designer of the Reinhard Dienes Studio. A frequent exhibitor at such seminal events as Salone del Mobile, ICFF, and IMM Cologne, Dienes’ expansive portfolio of work includes photography, light installations, and furniture designs. In regards to the latter, standouts include the Le Belge table and Pedro chair.

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