Hansgrohe’s RainBrain Programmable Shower System

For those who’ve reached the dubious yet occasionally glorious prospect of middle age, it might behoove you to know about the ancient modality of “hydro-therapy.” This healthful treatment involves alternating administrations of very hot and very cold water, thus stimulating blood flow to the area and reputedly alleviating any ill from arthritis to poor digestion. Though it’s just one of its many perks, Hansgrohe’s RainBrain smart shower device offers the enticing prospect of hydrotherapy on command.

RainBrain Programmable Shower System. Manufactured by Hansgrohe.

RainBrain’s Programmable Shower Offers Bliss in the Bath

In Hansgrohe’s parlance, the above is referred to as a “Scottish Shower,” and it’s only one among the multiple settings that let you control everything from rate of flow to temperature to type of stream.

RainBrain Programmable Shower System. Manufactured by Hansgrohe.

The Scottish Shower setting promises “the stimulating effects of a shower with an automatic change in temperature from warm to cold.” Sounds great for a morning pick me-up and a good flushing of the skin, but if your tastes run more to an idealized constant temp., RainBrain can handle that as well.

RainBrain Programmable Shower System. Manufactured by Hansgrohe.

The programmable device integrates with Hansgrohe shower fittings to offer seamless alternation among different sprays (overhead, waist-high, and handheld rain, cascade, and pulse) and temps. RainBrain even offers integrated and programmable piped-in music of your choice via iPod or MP3.

RainBrain Programmable Shower System. Manufactured by Hansgrohe.

Lastly—and perhaps of greatest interest for those who are sensitive to even slight variations from an idealized temp.—RainBrain promises your perfect water temperature every morning courtesy of its “Warm-Up” setting. This feature lets you tell the shower you’re ready for its services, at which point it automatically warms to the desired range and gives you the all clear on its handsome touch screen.

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About the Manufacturer: From deep in the bowers of the Black Forest fittings manufacturer Hansgrohe finds and keeps its fingers on the pulse of the world’s preferences with regards to baths, showers, bidets, and bathroom fittings. Though it is in the Black Forest, the headquarters in the German town of Schiltach are a sunny and bright locale where Hansgrohe works with such luminaries as Patricia Urquiola, Philippe Starck, and Jean-Marie Massaud to develop an unparalleled line of “state-of-the-art, design-oriented bathroom solutions and innovative products for bathrooms as a living space.”

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