Fabulous Felt: Dino Lamp by Deger Cengiz

Architect and artist-designer Deger Cengiz definitely likes to push the envelope. If you search the About page of his website, you’ll find lots of anatomically correct information that won’t necessarily be of any interest, such as his weight and blood type, along with the color of his eyes and hair (thankfully, in Pantone colors). This specimen of humanity enjoys blurring the edges and occupying that liminal space betwixt art and design. This makes him a perfect fit for Voos, the “design hub” in Brooklyn, where his work is currently on exhibit.

Dino Lamp. Designed by Deger Cengiz.

LED Lamp Comes with its own Container

Dino Lamp. Designed by Deger Cengiz.

One of Cengiz’s pieces is Dino Lamp, which puts me in mind of the purple Paleolithic pet dinosaur from The Flintstones. Equally whimsical, Dino Lamp has a flexible long neck that can be moved as needed according to your task. Equipped with an LED bulb, Dino Lamp will light up your workspace without zapping too much energy.

Dino Lamp. Designed by Deger Cengiz.

Besides the wonderful neck, Dino includes a handy little container that serves as a plant pot or pen holder. Grow whatever you like in there, though something with velutinous leaves would be ideal, as it would match the alluring texture of Dino Lamp’s felt.

Via Inhabitat.

About the Designer: Deger Cengiz, a trained architect, works in the fields of art, design, and architecture. Based in New York, Cengiz likes to “explore the boundaries between conceptual art and experimental design.” Currently, his work is on view at Voos, the Brooklyn furniture showroom; it is also part of the permanent collection at the Red Dot Design Museum.

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