Electronic Lavatory Faucet by Iqua

If you’re a little squeamish about germs, then you probably like to avoid public restrooms at all costs. When it becomes absolutely necessary to visit one, it is always a great relief to be met with hands-free faucets. Faucets with automatic sensors are more hygienic—and a lot easier to use.

Electronic Lavatory Faucet. Designed by Iqua by Aquis.

High-Tech Sensors Indicate Water Consumption

Fittings manufacturer Aquis relies on these comforts in designing their Iqua line of faucets. These infrared sensor-operated electronic faucets are equipped with “a special solenoid valve that is the heart of these high tech products.” Their technology enables “miniaturized solutions for digital electronic controls.” Which is all a very fancy way of explaining that the faucet senses your presence and turns itself on for your pleasure, ease, and health.

Electronic Lavatory Faucet. Designed by Iqua by Aquis.

But Iqua goes beyond convenience. Their electronic lavatory faucet includes a display showing the water temperature and water consumption. By giving users a visual reminder of how much water they are using, the Iqua faucet may reduce water consumption. The faucet’s simple, sleek design is also a plus—how they fit all that intelligence into that little package is a mystery!

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About the Manufacturer: Aquis is the parent company of Iqua faucets. Founded in 1995 by Andreas Wawrla, Aquis “specializes in the field of sanitary equipment and offers a wide range of infrared sensor operated electronic faucets.” Their own brand, Iqua, offers sensor kitchen, lavatory, and wall-mounted faucets, as well as other water-related products and accessories. The company puts a lot of time and effort into research and development: “For our customers we are constantly working on new solutions.”

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