Best of NeoCon 2011: Insight by Allermuir

An entire family of multi-purpose seating, Insight includes everything from a stacking chair to a task chair. With six available “supporting structures that attach the seat to the frame” and many base and color choices, Insight would seem to have something for everyone. Insight comes as a stool with a foot ring, perfect for people sitting at a bar or a drafting table (Allermuir caters to both leisure and work clients). It also comes as a side chair with a sled base, ideal for receptions areas and conference rooms. Insight even offers a lightweight task chair with casters, so you can roll around your office should you get bored.

Insight Chair. Manufactured by Allermuir.

Ergonomic Chair Encourages Motion

Insight Chair. Manufactured by Allermuir.Insight Chair. Manufactured by Allermuir.

Any of the configurations features an ergonomic design meant to encourage motion. Like many other companies, Allermuir’s research indicates that nobody (not even the lowly office drone) should remain in the same seated position for extended periods of time. The seat and back on Insight, therefore, are “contoured injection moulded plastic, with the design detailing inherently supporting correct posture”—even when users shift (as they should).

Insight Chair. Manufactured by Allermuir.Insight Chair. Manufactured by Allermuir.

Whatever the Insight you ultimately choose, the product range “remains architecturally neutral whilst responding to the holistic requirements of multi-purpose seating.” From the waiting room of a Denver dentist to the outdoor patio of a Baltimore bistro, Insight supports the body and pleases the eye.

About the Manufacturer: Allermuir specializes in “furniture primarily for leisure and corporate environments, such as dining areas, cafes, breakout areas, reception areas, public spaces and bars.” The company believes in marrying form and function—“good product design with meticulous attention to detail, whilst meeting the functional requirements of the interior.” Due to the growth of their U.S.-based market, Allermuir recently established a new production facility in Ohio, which will supply Quick Ship items.

** This product’s name has since been updated and is now called Adlib

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