Verdesign’s Ondet Swinging Armchair

One measure of the age of your soul—as the expression goes—rather than your chronological age, is whether or not you prefer the sensation of swinging or rocking. The obvious imagistic counterpart to this notion is the pair of genial oldsters rocking away their days on the front porch vs. the gleefully swinging child. Though my apparently calm demeanor has had people tell me I’m “an old soul,” my natural inclinations tend toward the latter, which is why I rather dig the concept of Verdesign’s Ondet Swinging Rocker.

Ondet Rocker. Designed by Verdesign.

The Ondet Rocker Comes in Fabric or Leather

Beyond the mechanistic and sensational appeal of languorously swinging back and forth within the contours of this elegant handmade Italian furnishing, the Ondet Rocker appeals to another sense besides. The visual pull of this piece is undeniable. With an aspect both plush and linear, comfortable yet geometric, Ondet draws on the inherent desire to find a comfortable place to sit (and swing) while captivating the aesthetic purist within. Ondet incorporates “precious woods such as moro oak and canaletto walnut, the skilful application of oils, waxes and lacquers to enhance the effect on the senses, and the use of luxurious textiles and bovine leather from Northern Europe and Scandinavia.” Indeed, this new take on the gently oscillating armchair can be proud of its plushness. It’s a stylish and comfortable piece with broad appeal—from the fjords of Norway to Sicily’s sunny shores.


Via macandmacinteriors.

About the Manufacturer: The quote that Managing Director Giovanni Verardo uses to characterize Verdesign tells you much of what you need to know about the company’s mission: “just those objects that are still close to the human body, to eyes and hands, and that are therefore well designed, can still be beautiful…” Verdesign keeps objects familiar in this way, yet not so familiar that they cease to provoke wonderment and awe. This kind of sublime provocation is routine for Verdesign’s innovative line, especially in regards to their latest “Habito Verdesign” collection, featuring gorgeous walnut and canaletto walnut and the best of bovine leather from Northern Europe. All Verdesign goods are strictly handmade.

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