The Sozo Tub by Diamond Spa

Looking at the new Sozo Tub by Diamond Spas, I’m wondering why it never before occurred to anyone to craft a bathtub around the reclining human body. After all, each and every one of us sits in a reclined position, and we lie in a reclined posture (particularly in front of the TV), so why not bathe this way as well?

Sozo Tub. Designed by Diamond Spa.

Bathe in Comfort and Save Water with the Sozo Tub

Sozo puts the latter proposition to the test. Diamond Spas has constructed this particular tub with an inclined back, giving it a profile very like an outdoor chaise. Not only does this intriguing approach deed the piece a unique aesthetic—it resembles the hull of a boat momentarily kicked up out of the water by gently lapping waves—it conserves water too.

The Sozo Tub designed by Diamond Spa

In fact, the per bath consumption by an average user is just 60 gallons, far below that of conventional tubs—and don’t even get me started about the fill-up times and quantities for those venerated claw foots, timeless though they may be.

Sozo’s tapered inside walls augment this propensity for wise resource use, as they cradle the bather in high comfort and even higher style. Sozo is available in stainless steel or copper. Diamond Spas offers a coordinating vessel sink to complete this smarter than average bathroom ensemble.

The Sozo Tub designed by Diamond Spa

Sozo Vessel Sink. Designed by Diamond Spa.

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About the Manufacturer: Diamond Spas has been designing and manufacturing boutique baths from stainless steel and copper since 1997, and they’ve parlayed this propensity for hammering out luxurious places of ablution (and repose) into a stellar international reputation and devoted clientele. The durability and beauty of every product in their twin spa and K&B lines evince their objective of creating products that are an excellent investment: “it will always be aesthetically pleasing, perform for decades, and sustainable... offering future generations a healthy world environment.”

Posted May 26, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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