Technicolor Dream Couch by Design By Leftovers

It is all about taking leftovers and putting them to good use. What is? Sustainability I tell you! Sustainability is about taking leftovers, chopping, gluing, stitching and shaping them until they are no longer leftovers but desired objects. Design by Leftovers has managed to take “pre-loved, re-claimed garments and fabrics” and create magical pieces of furniture that will become family heirlooms.

Charlotte’s Leftovers Sofa. Designed by Design by Leftovers.

Originality is the name of the game for Linda and Jona Netsman of Design by Leftovers.

Their reclaimed sofas and chairs have Alice in Wonderland quality whimsy with enough to class to make them desirable. The framework of the sofas and chairs are traditional, but the patchwork pattern of fabrics transforms the traditional shapes into contemporary pieces. Every design has a collection of colors, textures and patterns that have the right amount of tension and cohesion to make them interesting but not sickening.

People's Leftovers Chair designed by Design by Leftovers.

People’s Leftovers Chair. Designed by Design by Leftovers.

It takes a brave designer to throw these many contrasting elements into the same pot, and it takes a very talented one to come out with something marketable. Design by Leftovers is far from giving away their pieces, and why not? The creative energy it takes to jazz up a chair someone’s great-grandmother drank tea in is worth a lot. I personally shy away from wild colors and traditional forms, but this eclectic collection can impress the starkest of modernists.

The Hotel's Leftovers designed by Design by Leftovers.

The Hotel’s Leftovers. Designed by Design by Leftovers.

Lola's Leftovers designed by Design by Leftovers.

Lola’s Leftovers. Designed by Design by Leftovers.

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About the Designers: Design by Leftovers is upcycles and creates out of its Stokholm based studio. The Swedish designers Linda and Jona Netsman believe in giving things a new life and retelling old stories through newly imagined pieces. Inspired by India’s colorful buses, as well as life, death, and contrasts, the 2011 collection is full of stunning eccentricities that will have you drooling in no time.

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