Lindstén Form’s Wood Collection Earns Salone Satellite Award

Swedish design firm Lindstén Form recently showed a new collection at Milan, where they won a Salone Satellite Award. Based on “the possibilities and limitations of wood,” the group of seating and lighting products showcases the material’s beauty.

Wood Collection. Designed by Johan Lindsten, Lindsten Form.

Simple, Scandinavian Lamps

The wooden lamps are particularly interesting, perhaps because they are created to look “almost like a living creatures staring at you.” A standing lamp on a trio of finely turned legs does indeed look animated, with the lampshade putting me in mind of an alien conehead.

A duo of spherical lamps, pendant and floor versions, illustrates how bent wood can really be manipulated by “using special veneer techniques to overcome its natural limitations in 3 dimensional bending.” The round lights are half wood and half translucent, though it is the wooden part that garners all the attention, since the supple curvature highlights the wood grain. You can almost get lost in these interesting patterns, which resemble topographic maps.

The lights also feature “mistakes” such as cracks, which are the result of the drying process. These crannies evince the wood’s fickle nature, but they also allow for individualized beauty, since the fissures allow “striking beams of light” to shine through the shades.

Wood Collection of Lamps designed by Johan Lindsten

Wood Collection of Lamps designed by Johan Lindsten

Wood Collection of Lamps designed by Johan Lindsten

About the Designer: Lindstén Form is a Stockholm-based design firm headed by Johan Lindstén. The company designs everything from sleek chairs to modern coat racks to creative lighting. Johan Lindstén believes that design can “influence people’s state of mind, by making our surrounding objects more beautiful and joyful.”

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