Dornbracht’s ATT Shower System

Aficionados of A&D will be eager to know about ATT. And pleased, no doubt—whatever love they may or may not harbor for the Star Wars saga—to discover that it concerns neither gigantic, lumbering, laser-equipped war machines nor a telecommunications conglomerate. In fact, the acronym stands for “Ambiance Tuning Technique,” and it’s the latest innovation in shower systems by perennial player Dornbracht.

ATT Shower System. Designed by Dornbracht.

Dornbracht’s Ambiance Tuning is the Future of Customized Showers

Very like a perfectly-modulated massage, Ambiance Tuning allows pre-programmed variations in spray configuration, volume, temperature, and force. Thus, just as if your daily ablution were following a musical score, the system facilitates “de-stressing programs to pamper with carefully choreographed pressure, temperature, outlet, and lighting changes.”

ATT Shower System by Dornbracht

CEO Andreas Dornbracht is rightly proud of ATT. For some time now, the manufacturer—working closely with longtime collaborator Sieger Design—has been fascinated by the emotional and psychological benefits of luxurious bathing. ATT represents the culmination of this abiding interest, and eValve is the key. This miniature electronic thermostat cartridge allows for the great variation in flow rates, temperatures, and spray configurations in the same shower: “imagine—if you choose, you can have an energizing cold splash of water from a side spray within a warm shower flowing from above.”

ATT Shower System by Dornbracht

ATT Shower System by Dornbracht

If eValve is the heart of ATT than eSwitch is the brain. This integrated service port facilitates programs and diagnostics from any computer, and, with the help of Sieger Design, eSwitch takes the fabulous “face” of a wall mounted eTool control panel. This stylish faceplate is on an aesthetic par with Dornbracht’s lux line of ultra-contemporary fittings. It features indicator lights to show when the shower is in use, as well as an illuminated band of red or blue to signify water temp.

About the Manufacturer: The stunning range of bath, kitchen, and shower fittings offered by manufacturer Dornbracht throughout their 60 + years exemplifies their facility with what they refer to as “the spirit of water.” The firm’s longtime collaboration with designer Dieter Sieger first bore fruit in the form of the Domani single-level mixer and has continued in recent years with the iconic Tara. Today, Dornbracht and Sieger Design continue to “open new areas and set the bathroom free from its architectural limitations.”

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