An ICFF Preview: Aria and Beat by Zorine Pooladian

How I wish I were at ICFF this a.m., as the show’s unveiling approaches and eager throngs will soon be set to sample innovative products from near and far. Were I in attendance, I’d be sure to soon sit upon this pair of artful stools by Glendale, California’s Zorine: Aria and Beat.

Aria and Beat stools. Designed by Zorine.

Aria and Beat are Rockers with Flair

The first quality of the sculptural Aria that strikes my fancy is its supple transition from circle to straight line. Better said, the best half of this seamless example of Walnut joinery is a subtly arching curve that—just as quickly as it begins—flattens out up top to form the piece’s seat.

Beat, for its part, sports the very same silhouette as Aria, yet fills in the donut hole of its companion with an impressive solidity. Medium-Density Fiberboard and high gloss automotive paint complete the enticing contrast.

Beat and Aria thus form a kind of yin and yang of slim, supple, and artfully-conceived rocking stools. My only caveat? That Zorine hasn’t provided pics with a similarly lovely lady to demonstrate user protocol. For, just like the curved hull that magically keeps ships afloat in rough or calm waters alike, the curvaceous contours of Aria and Beat enable you to enjoy their gentle oscillations.

Aria and Beat designed by Zorine at ICFF

Aria and Beat designed by Zorine at ICFF

About the Manufacturer: Glendale, CA’s Zorine is the creation of namesake Zorine Pooladian, who “expressed a passion for art at an early age.” Said passion was fueled during her youth by her father and mother, respectively, a designer of handmade Persian rugs and a fabric artist who made original clothing and tablecloths. After moving to the U.S. at age 17, Pooladian entered the world of furniture design as an Ahmanson Foundation Scholar at Art Center. The first fruition of this discipline can be seen (and heard) at this year’s ICFF within the rhythmically rocking tempo of her Aria and Beat Stools.

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