Woo Gloo Table by Juhász Mónika of Monka Design

In past 3rings posts, We’ve seen a couch that mysteriously illuminates come nightfall (Mr. Hyde Sofa); a tea bag that looks as if it housed greenishly phosphorescent plutonium (Lighting Bag); and an intriguing sleight of hand that hides superfluous decoration within the very confines of a strictly linear form (Mies’ Nightmare). Now from the far off Eastern world of Hungary comes designer Juhász Mónika’s Woo Gloo Table. This handsome bit of geometrically sculpted poly resin with inlaid oak is more than just a consummately contemporary low table, it’s also an alluring nightlight.

Woo Gloo Table. Designed by Juhász Mónika of Monka Design.

A Lovely Luminescence Sets this Low Table’s Mood

According to manufacturer Monka Design, Woo Gloo’s unique innovation comes about via an LED layering technology that allows integrated lights from inside the table to glow through the wood veneer. The inset oak thus lights up at a moment’s command—most preferentially, one imagines, when the lights are low and just a handful of lumens needed to light the way to your glass of wine, or plate of cheese, or even just the remote control. In addition to its obvious aesthetic appeal, Woo Gloo thus has the advantage of true functionality. For who among us, while watching a film at home, hasn’t stumbled their way to the bathroom or kitchen, desirous of satisfying pressing needs yet not wishing to disturb companions? Woo Gloo will illuminate that particular path, and do so in high style.

Gloo Table
Gloo Table

Via Freshome.

About the Manufacturer: Juhász Mónika of Monka Design cut her A&D chops as a Design Engineer at the Technical University of Budapest. During that time, she spent four months in Finland, benefiting from the legacy of natural materials that’s a Finnish birthright courtesy of Alvar Aalto. She also spent significant time under the tutelage of a London design gallery. Her great passion for design extends to satisfying her clients’ custom desires—whether that mean a bespoke stone fireplace surround or expanding her Woo Gloo LED layering concept to an entire living room ensemble.

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