The Perf Lamp: Taking Diesel Design Power to Foscarini Turf

Last year at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Diesel and Foscarini came up with a smash hit Home Collection they called “Successful Living from Diesel”. No, it didn’t exactly come in partnership with the Diesel fashion of skinny black pants and unlaced boots or colorful chunky heels (although that would be pretty rad since we all secretly want to wear Diesel everyday). However, Perf is one of the most hip, modern additions to the Foscarini name.

Perf. Designed by Diesel in collaboration with Foscarini.

Diesel and Foscarini Joined Forces to Create the Perf Series of  Modern Floor, Table and Reading Lamps

Foscarini describes the Perf floor, table, or reading lamp by Diesel saying that it “takes you by surprise with its personality: a domestic totem, a friend to follow us all around the home, a fascinating code of luminous openings to be deciphered”. Similar to the way we aspire to the runway shows posted on the Diesel website in all of their nonchalant Euro style, the lamps enter our home and office spaces with the same fashion statement that has a “cool” written all over it. Speaking to its inception, they explain that “the starting point was the concept of perforated lamps as in the North African tradition, but designed with contemporary flavor, while being technological and innovative.”

The Perf lamps are made completely out of metal and left surprisingly light, making them easy to tote around. At first glance, it’s hard to avoid getting a close-up of the tiny pinpointed holes in the solid shade. Upon looking at the Perf floor lamp for a few moments longer, the character of its total shape is what keeps our attention. Like the beak of a bird bowing low to the light inside, the enchanting, multi-purpose modern lamp in three sizes creates “totally original luminous gesture”, they state. Diesel’s sister design of Pet is another successful design in the “Successful Living from Diesel” Home Collection for Foscarini that uses a pronounced shade and similar genetic make-up to illuminate a room.

Diesel Lamp

Carlo Urbinati, a founder of Foscarini, believes their interest in working with Diesel was a new way to branch out. “We’re looking for a younger and different market,” Mr. Urbinati said. “We didn’t want to overlap the Foscarini collection.” With the hip angles and Perf’s holed shade design, Diesel’s designs did a great job of creating a bold new following.

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