The Dalby Collection’s Shamrock Rose and Classic Showers by Drummonds

With many great modern bathroom collections finding new ways to innovate the faucet, handle, or shower head, it is not everyday I get the chance to dive into a vintage-inspired design like the Classic Shower and Shamrock Rose of the Dalby Collection by Drummonds. Thankfully, today is a very special day (besides the fact that it feels like spring has officially sprung here in Minneapolis).

Classic Shower. Designed by Drummonds.

Adorn Your Bathroom and Shower Space with the Lady-like Dalby Collection by Drummonds

A thermostatic shower with the option to use a handset and diverter, the Dalby comes with several choices to help customize your elegant bathing experience. Showers that are thermostatic automatically respond to temperature changes and activate switches controlling the equipment. One option takes the showerhead to new volumes, literally, but extending the typical shower head into three rounded sections that appear to be a shamrock. (Hence, the name of Shamrock Rose title given to this beautiful rinsing agent.) The Dalby Collection also includes a single cascade in a simple form that, like the Shamrock, comes with either a curved or straight pipe for the shower – and the additional handset and diverter options as well. The classic yet romantic Rose shower heads within the Dalby series come in either 8″ or 12″ versions.

Ideal for a the bathroom suite of an individual lady or a luxurious hotel project, the Drummonds team has outdone themselves with three gorgeous finishes – of chrome, nickel, or brass – in the high class fluid form of the Dalby Shower Collection.


Shamrock Rose. Designed by Drummonds.

Shower Drummonds

Shamrock Rose. Designed by Drummonds.

Shower Drummond

Classic Shower. Designed by Drummonds.

Drummonds has established an excellent reputation as a major supplier of architectural antiques – providing a wide range of reclaimed building materials and unique architectural features. Today, however, the products they manufacture cover a wide range of extremely high quality products, including cast iron baths, wash hand basins and brass bath and door furniture.

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