Lean Floor Lamp by Jenny Bäck for Örsjö

Lean, a floor lamp by designer Jenny Bäck created for Swedish lighting firm Örsjö, showed at last week’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, where Örsjö had other lamps and fixtures on display for the world to see. The company may be happy the show has concluded: their website notes that “February’s hectic fair week in Stockholm is over” (Do I detect an air of relief?). Like other Örsjö products—see the Crane and Funnel Lamps—Lean takes advantage of a simple form, adding little details here and there to give the product some unexpected verve. This combination of “focus, innovation and personality” is something that the Swedish company is known for, along with their “great manufacturing skills.” With more than 60 years experience, Örsjö has the luxury of hiring some of Scandinavia’s best designers—including Jenny Bäck.

Lean. Designed by Jenny Bäck for Örsjö.

Simple Swedish Lamp with Bold Brass Arm

Bäck’s Lean Lamp has a black or white lacquer structure with a rough brass arm. The adjustable shade features little slits, giving the cone shape a little burst of personality as the light filters through these spaces. The rod making up Lean’s base forms a triangle that rests on the floor—it’s a little pyramid shape holding up the lamp’s luminous head, resembling a still life of a tent with a moon above its peak. A textile cord acts like the Lean Lamp’s tail; it includes a floor switch (and plug, of course). Besides its shape and simplicity, Lean has one striking detail: the rough brass of its arm. The bright burst of color contrasts well with either the black or white model. This section of metal—an alloy to be precise—gives the lamp an industrial wink, as if Lean had made a stopover at the factory on its way to the market.

Floor Lamp
Floor Lamp

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