A Seaworthy Vessel: Maritime Chair by Hubert & Casamania

A lover of extremes, designer Benjamin Hubert has worked wonders with lighting–from Heavy Lights to the airy Float (the former made of concrete, the latter of recycled wine corks). Recently, Hubert is turning his attention from one element (air) to another (water). His new Maritime Chair is “inspired by traditional wooden shipbuilding techniques.” The construction combines “solid and laminate ash” with lovely curvatures. The backrest, with its exposed ribs, recalls the vessels of Norse myth. Hubert explains the idea rather poetically: the visible supports “allow for a distinctive design language in harmony with the material and production technique.”

Maritime Chair. Desigend by Hubert & Casamania.

Nautical Chic

Maritime Chairs are designed by Benjamin Hubert in collaboration with Casamania. Perhaps for this reason, the chairs are offered with an upholstery option (Casamania is known for their use of bright colors). And Hubert has added other bright incarnations for the oceanic chair: “To enhance the construction details the range is also offered in translucent dyed colourways and with an accompanying dining table.”

About the Manufacturer: Casamania, as you might guess, concentrates on residential furniture with intense enthusiasm. The Italian company was founded in 1984–the year synonymous with dystopian visions of the future; however, by working in concert with international designers, Casamania is able to “move forward in building a dynamic and promising future” (so much for Orwell’s vision). The manufacturer offers “a universe of objects”: from modular seating to lighting and accessories. By using punches of color, Casamania brings a dash of unexpected play to any interior.

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