Winning the Style Heat: Archibald Radiator by Leo Salzedo for Runtal

Once Upon a time, I had a figure drawing class in college where we practiced the art of the contour line. As difficult as it seemed at first, the art of a long, continuous line when drawing the human body, a still life fruit basket, or an abstract pasture full of horses became more like a release from the systems we’d previously employed to sketch and perfect. Instead, the line was fluid and the objects became refreshingly imperfect. Using the same idea, the Archibald radiator by Runtal turns and wraps itself up into a contour art form with a purpose.

Archibald. Designed by Leo Salzedo for Runtal.

Hang Towels and Robes on the Archibald – A Stylish, Modern Radiator for the Bathroom or Kitchen by Leo Salzedo for Runtal

Using one single tube of twisted steel, Archibald looks like a set of chrome hangers that have channeled the Barrel of Monkeys game into a functional piece of household heating equipment. Its tall and thin profile allows you to use its heated angles for the heating of up to four different towels at a time. Additionally, the advanced radiator technology can be used to hang and warm your robe or keep as a simple space heater, keeping your bathroom toasty warm using the hot water that is attached through 1/2″ thick connections. For additional design options, the Archibald comes in both chrome and a powder-coated white finish.

The perfect designer for the job happens to be Leo Salzedo. Comfortable stretching his wings in the industrial arena of heating and cooling, the Padova-born designer of this crazy cool fixture worked at Electrolux in Sweden as a developer following the completion of his studies at the Italian School of Design (also in Padova). These days Salzedo has found a lot of his success working for other multinational companies like Sony Ericsson, Electrolux, The Absolut Company, etc. in partnership with  the No Picnic Industrial Design firm, also based in Stockholm.

The shiny, continuous line of this modern Archibald radiator brings the Italian zest for the sleek and simple into the bathroom or kitchen areas for a practical, and yet extremely artistic, source of heated inspiration.


Runtal radiators offer the unparalleled comfort of radiant heat and sleek Eurostyle design. Headquartered in Switzerland with licensees worldwide, Runtal is considered the world leader in radiator technology. This is no surprise, since Runtal invented panel radiators back in the 1950’s and has hundreds of thousands of installations throughout the world.

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