Wabi-sabi Comes to life in the Alternative by Joan Lao for Luminaire

Unless you’re well-versed in Japanese theories, the different veneers, organic pigments, stone, steel, oak and leather of the Alternative collection designed by Joan Lao for Luminaire may just look lovely, and that’s it. But to anyone familiar with the Japanese theory of Wabi-sabi – a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience – it is clear that Lao’s collection follows this idea perfectly. By embracing what they consider”the beauty found in the natural variations of materials and surface textures”, the simplicity of Alternative takes shape.

Wabi-sabi. Designed by Joan Lao for Luminaire.

A Design Using Various Environmentally-Friendly Materials, the Alternative by Joan Lao for Luminaire Debuts on March 31 in the Miami Design District

Travel far beyond mass-produced bland items by considering Alternative’s intuitive way of designing a space. According to the highly-acclaimed Barcelona designer – who has dabbled in art direction, architecture, and seemingly all other creative avenues – the design outlook that initiated this collection goes beyond decoration into a level where the balance and harmony of environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable production find their place in the world of design.

Joan Lao, Luminaire
Joan Lao, Luminaire

Lao applies a special scratching technique to the veneer to create the specific effect which meshes perfectly with the other materials. Also, his use of the a resistant lacquer maintains natural surfaces while providing durability to all of the different surfaces. The range of tables and upholstered furniture to custom-built modular storage units all follow the same guidelines and can be mixed together or with refined products from other collections without a hitch.

Luminaire will officially announce the North American debut of Alternative at a special reception and exhibit that is scheduled to open on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at the Luminaire Lab, 3901 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Design District.

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