The Essence Line of Wooden Vanities by Xylem

Manufacturer Xylem is uniquely poised to inquire of you, what is the essence of good design? If speaking of bathroom vanities, my response is along the lines of “fulfills the required functions and looks good doing it.” “Required functions” certainly varies from soul to soul, but the bare minimum is to hold stuff, offer water, and keep it all clean and contained. That is pretty much the essence of Essence, Xylem’s gorgeous collection of 24 and 30 inch wooden vanities. Designed to complement Xylem’s exclusive Vessel sinks, yet also able to accommodate the SVT slab stone tops, Essence is simple and simply beautiful.

Essence. Designed by by Xylem.

A Compact Vanity in Beautiful Dark Wood

The Essence vanities are on the small side, but I find that a rather refreshing choice, since it eliminates the frills and bulk that are part and parcel of larger vanities. They’re available in two finishes: dark walnut and striped ebony. The first has a classical tinge suggestive of upscale elegance, while the second feels more exotic—evoking the variegated vegetation of Asia and the inscrutable pelage of what is arguably that continent’s most awe-inspiring of animals: the wondrous Bengal tiger.

Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom Vanity

The Essence Collection includes within its ranks an impressive assortment of matching mirrors, and the Essence vanities include within themselves ample storage and a nicely hidden and surprisingly spacious bottom drawer. All components in the Essence line are a favorable mate for any of the dark walnut storage components in Xylem’s Blox range.

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About the manufacturer: From the humble environs of Roswell, GA, manufacturer Xylem of Xylem Group, LLC offers vanities, sinks, vanity tops, fittings, and mirrors in “traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles.” The company has made some good headway into the international market courtesy of their attention to customer service and continuing efforts to keep prices fair. Their product range is as diverse as their aesthetic, from Asian-inspired vanities to raised glass sinks with the luminosity of Swarovski to their line of Reflex vanity tops—providing the “depth and clarity of glass with the three-dimensional look of metallic stone.”

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