The 3D Ethereal Rug Design by Esti Barnes for Top Floor

As the Top Floor Design Director and owner, Esti Barnes was honored with the Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year 2010 Award last year. Clearly, this award symbolizes a floor covering design that goes beyond just a tufted rug and becomes an experience, but never did we expect to see a rug that takes it a step further.

‘Ethereal’ rug. Designed by Esti Barnes of Top Floor.

Wool and Silk Combine with 3D Lace to Create the Ethereal Rug by Esti Barnes for Top Floor

The ‘Ethereal’ rug is one of the latest by Barnes and her Top Floor team that is climbing high in support from the entire interior design community. It takes flooring design to a three dimensional level, using a raised lace pattern within the weave of the rug design. Not over the top glamorous or too subtle, the gorgeous asymmetrical pattern lights up the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London, where the Top Floor showroom resides.

The 3D Ethereal Rug Design by Esti Barnes for Top Floor

In order to meet the desires of all clients, Top Floor offers the plush Ethereal rug in any color and size. By customizing this elegant floor covering, it allows for the most interior design flexibility possible to suit any living area or luxurious bedroom space. Hand tufted in all natural wool and silk materials, the high quality of this Top Floor rug is evident, as is the praise it has been receiving around the world since its debut.

Before the ‘Emmenthal’ win as the Best of Year 2010, Top Floor was a finalist for the ‘Equation’ rug in 2006 and the overall winner for their ‘Esquire’ rug in 2007. All in all, Barnes’ has become “the leading source for distinctive contemporary hand-made rugs and carpets” in the industry, with the Ethereal rug for 2011 being no exception.

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