Hansgrohe’s New Metris Line: Customized Clearance for the Basin

Leave it to Hansgrohe to re-contextualize the saying, “a long, tall drink of water.” The new Metris Line by the very old company—which dates back to 1901 when Otto Johannes Grohe began to produce metal ware out of a wooden shed in the humble burb of Schiltach—recognizes that we each have distinct clearance needs in respect to the basin and the faucet. With that in mind, the new Metris Series presents five different dimensions of the modern mixer, ranging in size from the elongated enchantments of Metris 260, to the petit pulchritude of Metris 100.

Metris. Designed by Hansgrohe.

A Targeted Spout for Every Function

As a company boasting over a century in the game of water delivery, who better than Hansgrohe to pinpoint the various requirements in the daily life of a spigot? The Metris Line reflects the reality of different uses for different spaces. Just so, 260 has enough clearance to wash your hair, 230 is tall enough to fill up a goldfish bowl, while 100 is small and compact yet still spacious enough to make it a hand-washing haven for houseguests. The different sizes along the very same continuum of a sleek, contemporary design reflect Hansgrohe’s knowledge of “exactly the different needs of each individual… In daily life, ‘Freedom of movement’ means to meet different needs for each person. The new line of Metris mixers provides space for you to wash your hair or hands, shave, or fill a vase with water… They create a new sense of space, without disrupting your bathroom.”

Hansgrohe's New Metris Line: Customized Clearance for the Basin
Hansgrohe's New Metris Line: Customized Clearance for the Basin
Hansgrohe's New Metris Line: Customized Clearance for the Basin

Indeed, the only disruption provoked by Metris is bound to be better delivery, less splash-back, and ultimately a tidier space, not to mention a more efficient use of resources. The Metris line is equipped with automatic water metering, meaning that, try as you might—say, by leaving the water run while brushing your teeth—you won’t be able to consume more than five liters per minute. This automatic regulation is proven to cut energy consumption by 60%: just the sort of push we need to reach the rarefied realms of the water-wise!

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