Graff’s New Luna Faucet Promises the Moon and Stars

I’ve heard Graff’s latest Luna Faucet compared to a modern steel sculpture, a samurai sword, a chrome rendering of ancient Phoenician script, and the first auspicious stroke of an artwork by Miró, but let’s not be distracted by the piece’s aesthetic versatility such that we forget its intended antecedent: a whisper thin crescent moon. For this wall-mounted, languorously long, and sublimely sleek piece does indeed recall that icon, as still and strange in the summer sky as it is during winter. Luna thus brings a newfound sense of placidity to the bathroom, as its very aspect minimizes some of the movement and noise associated with most faucets.

Luna. Designed by Graff.

A Learning Curve for the Aesthetic of the Bath

Indeed, Luna’s appearance is drastically different from most, though it does exhibit some similarities with the recent Kross Faucet, whose intriguing two-dimensionality creates the look of a large upside-down J. Luna sports a thin profile as well, though ultimately its wall-mounting and flat-side-up orientation achieves an overarchingly unique look.

The piece is available in polished chrome or steelnox. Luna’s subtle semi-disc shaped handles match the piece’s more overt curves—options for handles include wall or deck mounting. Graff also offers a Luna showerhead, featuring the same broad thin curve and twin handles just off to the side, a rather scenic composition that Graff refers to as “moon and stars.”

Bathroom Faucet
Bathroom Faucet
Bathroom Faucet

About the Manufacturer: If you’ve been lucky enough to visit or even just use the lobby bathroom of the W Hotel in Minneapolis, the Hyatt Regency in Schaumberg, IL, or the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Plaza, than you know more about Graff faucets than you might have thought. Each of these structures has a unique feel and distinctive aesthetic—exactly the entry point for Graff’s roster of innovative showers and faucets. To craft their collection of “contemporary, sleek, and perfectly appointed” pieces, Graff routinely collaborates with renowned designers like Silvana Angeletti, Daniele Ruzza, and Davide Oppizzi.

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