Baobab Eco-Composite Coat Rack for MDF Italia

MDF Italia has a reputation for simple designs that explore the roots of a function and its resultant form. Their Achilles Chair is a straight forward design that comes in slew of Pantone-type colors that show off how much color alone can determine the aesthetic of a piece of furniture. In contrast, the Baobab coat hanger by MDF is offered only in white to highlight its organic shape.

Baobab coat hanger. Designed by MDF Italia.

Described as an abstraction of a tree, the Baobab coat hanger has an “undulated trunk with a crown of irregular branches.” Baobab gets its pristine white form from Ekotek, a composite material made of minerals and polyester resins. Also called Cristalplant®, it is a unique highly-advanced material that is an inert hypoallergenic and nontoxic material. Cristalplant® is 100% recyclable, with UV resistant, compact, nonporous and hygienic. It can be brought back to its original condition simply with detergent and an abrasive sponge.

Baobab Eco-Composite Coat Rack for MDF Italia

Conceptually Baobab is a modern coat rack made from Italian eco-friendly Corian. Composite materials are finding a new creative place in the designed space around us, branching out from horizontal surfaces to sculptural object. In addition to its life as a quirky coat rack, Cristalplant® can be made into sinks, bathtubs, tables and chairs. Baobab is a big statement for a coat rack with its bobble ends that look like something out of Dr. Seus. The choice of white only elevates the design and makes Baobab a classy modern home accessory.

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