After 6 Design Studio’s FOR2 is Definitely For You

If you hadn’t guessed it from earlier posts featuring his work—A6DS Fireplace, GreyGreen, and, most recently, Flo—designer/architect Sia Zanjani is an eclectic sort. After receiving his degree from the Carleton School of Architecture in Ottowa, he went on to flex his conceptual chops on various projects throughout Canada and Switzerland, before landing back in Toronto where in 2008 he founded After Six Design Studio. This auspicious atelier “focuses mainly on designs for small living spaces, space saving products, and multipurpose objects.” In view of that characterization, A6DS’ latest, the FOR2 [4.2] Chair, is definitely right at home. Count among its panoply of predilections a comfortable sit, an efficient use of space, and a handy niche for storage.

FOR2. Designed by After Six Design.

Imbibe in Style upon Sculpted Birch Ply

What—if I may pose an existential question—is most propitious to have at hand while reclining on a decidedly contemporary chair with a slight flavor of the Mid-Century Modern? If you said a book, you get a prize. If you said a glass of red, you get two. If you conceived of, designed, and manufactured a piece of furniture that holds both (while displaying them to lovely effect, I might add) you get the whole bucket full of prizes. The chosen moniker for Zanjani’s FOR2 may thus be read a couple of ways: it’s for both wine and books/magazines; it’s for both you and your beloved to relax together while divvying up its spatial potentiality in whatever way you see fit.

After Six Design Studio's FOR2 is Definitely For You
After Six Design Studio's FOR2 is Definitely For You

The materials palette for FOR2 is consciously constrained—birch ply and 100% wool felt constituting the bulk therein, with plenty of wiggle room for personal preference (all finishes and colors can be customized upon request). The chair holds two, comfortably and side-by-side, while suspending eight glasses from the interior of its back-side and accommodating up to 15 wine bottles down below. The open style of the chair creates easy access from either side, so if the two inhabitants can’t agree, say, on whether to go for Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir, it’s no matter: simply pick your particular poison, reach up to grab your glass and down to discover your chosen bottle, then lie back, pour, swirl, sniff, and take a hearty draught.

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