Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

Although you may be partial to your gas or electric cooktop - which are both very nice - this week's Top Ten list features the deluxe world of induction and hybrid induction/radiant cooktops. Unlike other forms of cooking heat, induction is generated directly in a ferromagnetic metal vessel atop (also known as a pot or pan) instead of within electric coils or burning gas. An increasingly popular choice for energy-efficient homes - not to mention for people looking to childproof their kitchen - the ring design, heating power of the elements, and of course, the control units are just a few variations to induce your vote for induction and/or radiant cooktops.

Go Green with Black Ceramic Glass: Induction Cooktops Save Up to 70% More Energy than Gas Cooktops and 20% More than Electric Cooktops

1. CIT365DS
PRICE: $3,449
Dimensions: 36" x 21" x 3-5/8"

This 36" all-induction cooktop in a simple, target-outlined design comes with 5 induction zones - including a large 12" zone. The ceramic glass surface makes it easy to clean, and Thermador's proprietary 10-step power micro-adjustments and Power Boost systems provide you with individualized performance for all levels of chefs who want a precise simmer or boil.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

PRICE: $2,749
Dimensions: 36-3/4" x 6-3/4" x 21"

Dive into the art of commercial cooking with the power and responsiveness of the MagneQuick features of a Viking. The square-framed circular designs, magnetic energy can reach its full power in three seconds. There are 6", 7" and 9" bridged and separate cooktops in a variety of radiant and induction different strengths that come in Stainless Steel with Black or White glass and knobs, or with an optional Brass trim option for knob bezels, control panel frame, and nameplate.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

PRICE: $1,699
Dimensions: 36-1/8" x 4-5/8" x 21"

Ultra sleek aesthetically, GE Monogram uses a reflective metallic finish that "captures light and colors inside the kitchen" for its 5 induction burners. It has 19 cooking settings and digital controls, digital pan-sensing technology, and heating elements of 6", 7", 8", and 11" sizes in a variety of strengths.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

4. CX 480
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 36"

The newest member of the induction cooktop list, this CX 480 by Gaggenau has no guided cooktop design. Instead, the German manufacturer uses state-of-the-art, pan-sensing technology in its large cooking area that is controlled by intuitive controls operated by an extra-large TFT touch display. It can hold up to four pans at once, using 48 micro-inductors instead of large induction coils.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

5. EW36CC55GS
PRICE: $1,899
Dimensions: 36" x 21-1/2" x 4"

With this Induction/Radiant Hybrid by Electrolux, boil your water in 90 seconds with the 10" induction element. Also including 6" elements, the total of five specified areas offer 3,200 watts of power. Extremely energy-efficient and accurate, you'll save 70% more energy than gas stovetops and 20% more than electric with the 25 digital preset touch settings of this radiant ribbon hybrid cooktop surfaced in gleaming ceramic and glass.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

6. 800 Series NIT8665UC
PRICE: $2,999
Dimensions: 36" x 21-1/4"

Featuring their very own MaxxBoostâ„¢ system, the 5 induction elements of this Bosch cooktop boils two quarts of water in just three and a half minutes - twice as fast as a conventional ceramic cooktop. Conversely, it can simmer at an extremely low level that will keep food warm without burning. More generally, the exceptional qualities of the 800 series employ numerous intuitive qualities that keep kids safe, food from burning, and the performance of a Bosch through and through.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

PRICE: $2,199
Dimensions: 36" x 20-7/8" x 3-1/4"

Most similar to the CX 480 by Gaggenau, the simple appearance of this GE Profile induction cooktop has 19 control settings for their five elements of up to 11" in size. With electronic touch controls and a pan presence sensor and control lock capability - allowing the cooktop to be "locked" when unintended for use - this black glass ceramic surface has an a camouflaged surface with indicator lights.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

8. KM5773
PRICE: $2,999
Dimensions: 36" width

Miele's induction cooktops offer a distinctive, non-contact method of heating that looks a little different from the other surface elements in their simple rings with stylish dashes. Besides its appearance, the five cooking zones consist of two at 6-5/16", two at 9" and one at 11" on its black Ceran glass and stainless steel frame. Using the central control panel with pan sensors and 12 power levels, Miele also features a special memory function, child safety locks and individual timers.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

9. LCE3681ST
PRICE: $1,950
Dimensions: 36-11/16" x 22" x 4"

According to LG, their 36" radiant cooktop offers the "perfect harmony between style and performance". Less expensive than some of the others, this induction cooktop uses centralized SmoothTouch controls to help you regulate the temperatures for the individual or bridged heating surfaces. It features an automatic shut-off option, child lock, and provides your kitchen cooking with steady heat monitored by hot surface indication lights.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

10. JEI0536ADS
PRICE: $2,949
Dimensions: 37" x 21-9/16" x 3-1/4"

Touch-activated LED controls, 17 heat level settings, and the high performance induction technology of a Ceran glass-ceramic surface made by Jenn-Air is super efficient. The five radiant elements of this cooktop - in 6" to 11" sizes - also includes a 11"/7" dual zone element that offers two sizes in one position for easily matching pan and cooktop size. They finish their cooktop in the largest width (37") of all ten listed and its scratch- and stain-resistant legacy is built to last.

Top Ten: Deluxe Cooktops

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten of Deluxe Cooktops!

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