The 2011 Kaktus Stool Design by Enrico Bressan for Artecnica

Get familiar with the fruitful Staghorn Cholla and you'll understand what inspired designer Enrico Bressan to finalize the three year project of the Kaktus Stool for Artecnica.

Kaktus Stool. Designed by Enrico Bressan for Artecnica.

It's All About the Little Things: Use Artecnica's Kaktus Stool to Spike Up Your Interior Insignia

A popular, tree-like cactus plant often seen in the Sonoran Desert, the many spines of the Staghorn Cholla intertwine and branch out like flowering deer antlers. Without the plump red, orange, yellow, green, pink, and bronze fruits of the blossoming Staghorn, the Kaktus Stool finds its only brilliance in a modern interpretation made using polished stainless steel.

The 2011 Kaktus Stool Design by Enrico Bressan for Artecnica

As the product description on the Artecnica site states of the perfected stool, it is "beautifully delicate in appearance" and "unfathomably strong in construction". The polished aluminum finish is the standard finish available, but following the eclectic past of Bressan - a native Italian designer and former computer electronic design engineer who is a Principal and Co-Art Director of Artecnica along with Tahmineh Javanbahkt - it can also be custom-colored to your preference. The small and striking Kaktus Stool can be added to any indoor or outdoor space.

Featured on 3rings for their Design With Conscience line a couple of years ago, Bressan and Javanbahkt have continued to develop the Los Angeles-based Artecnica as a prolific company that has worked with a myriad of designers in product design, architecture, and interior design services.

Posted February 7, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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