Life After Corkage Sustainable Barstool by Phase

Its been a few months since I reviewed Jelinek’s recycled wine cork tile flooring, an innovative reuse of wine corks that stays true to the form of the original cork. Cork is a sustainable material on its own, when extracted correctly the trees are capable of having layers harvested without harming the tree itself. Phase Design has come up with another creative use of wine corks that places them in the most appropriate of places, the bar stool.

Life After Corkage Barstool. Designed by Phase Design.

Reza Feiz is the designer of the Life After Corkage Barstool and Ottoman. The stool basically a steel or stainless steel tubing structure with twelve-hundred recycled wine and champagne corks packed into a vinyl-coated polyester mesh. The standard is a black mesh which has an edgy feel, but you can custom powder coat the mesh to be any color your home bar calls for. Bar stools are one of those furniture pieces that can be more over the top than your standard furniture, making the statements you typically wait for until the bottom of the bottle.

Life After Corkage Sustainable Barstool by Phase

Life After Corkage Barstool and Ottoman. Designed by Phase Design.

Life After Corkage Sustainable Barstool by Phase

Life After Corkage. Designed by Phase Design.

Phase Design was founded in Los Angeles in 2000 by Reza Feiz. Working within his philosophy of “strength in simplicity,” his materials of choice include solid woods, metal and fiberglass. Reza’s designs seek to find a harmonious balance between physicality and practical functionality.

“The challenge of design is to create something that is unique and functional, but above all has a nuanced and memorable personality. I like my work to be simple yet ingenious; to be understated yet be able to stand out and get noticed.”

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