Get Bent Into Shape with Zuo’s Bender Sofa

Zuo Modern Contemporary makes no bones about its allegiances where an over-arching aesthetic is concerned. If you couldn’t tell from the company name, the firm is inclined toward the mid-century (20th., that is), as exemplified in the classic and modern look of the Bender Sofa. The terminology here gets a might muddled, since, from a certain perspective, “classic” means “Modern” and “modern” means the here and now. The short explanation is that the California-based Zuo prizes the prevailing architecture and design of the 50s and 60s, so much so that this aspiration is writ large upon the company philosophy: “Zuo will continue its longstanding commitment to our customers and to the end-users by providing value and design in conjunction with the best service in the industry… we have the largest product refresh in the modern/contemporary segment.”

Bender. Designed by Zuo.

A Modern Sofa Guaranteed to Elevate Your Spirits

While it’s true that Zuo looks to modern masters like Corbusier and van der Rohe for inspiration (and Albert Frey or Richard Neutra for that matter), it’s also true that the company strives for millennial innovation. Bender is a case in point. The Sofa has all the hallmarks of a classic modern piece—rigid foam, clean lines, low legs, minimal embellishment, even a polyester blend upholstery with silver threading—yet a hidden pivoting system sets it above the Mid-Century fray.

Get Bent Into Shape with Zuo's Bender Sofa
Get Bent Into Shape with Zuo's Bender Sofa
Get Bent Into Shape with Zuo's Bender Sofa

Bender thus earns its name not for its allure as a prime locale for hangover recovery (though it certainly would do well in that capacity), but rather for the maximal adjustability of its arms and back. These movable components earn the piece a hearty nod for ergonomic excellence, as, like its spiritual ancestor the task chair, Bender expertly accommodates variations in height as well as personal preference for that all-important arm position. The feature indeed addresses the different exigencies of different body types, but it also encourages the micro motions that make prolonged sitting healthier, not to mention more comfortable.

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