Stonehenge Wall Panels by Vladimir Ambroz for Amos Design

Made with the variables we appreciate in multi-purpose interior cladding – that include both superior strength and glamour, of course, along with other super-powered adjectives – the Stonehenge Wall Panels by Vladimír Ambroz by Amos Design is the ultimate in interior paneling.

Stonehenge Wall Panels. Designed by Vladimir Ambroz for Amos Design.

Named after the Stonehenge Monument, Vladimír Ambroz and Amos Design Go All Out for Modern Interior Wall Panels using DuPontTM Corian®

Ambroz uses the DuPontTM Corian® in Glacier White color to construct the interior cladding that looks similar to the prehistoric monument that stands in the English county of Wiltshire. The designer is previously known for his 2010 Mondrian bookcase design – also made using DuPontTM Corian® – that uses its “grid-like construction and primary-colour accents (that) reference Dutch De Stil painter Piet Mondrian’s highly abstract work.”

Perhaps less abstract as a wall with relief-patterned blocks, the decorative panels are shaped on CNC machines to make an”unbroken, linked motif” along the perimeter of any space. The Stonehenge comes in a thickness of 6 mm and basic dimensions of 900 x 2500 mm, though other thicknesses and sizes are also available. The products by Amos Design are generally used in commercial or public spaces such as hall interiors, lobbies, airports, cafeterias, and other special projects, but can also be ordered in customized formats to fit any interior project.

See the Amos Design Stonehenge Wall Panels from January 21- 25, 2011, at the “Meet my Project – Making Of” event that coordinates with the trade show, Maison et Objet, going on in Paris.

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