Arper and Iwasaki Design Studio Present Pix Public Seating

Manufacturer Arper must have known that the practiced casualness of their photo of Pix—a collection of poufs for home or contract use—makes them resemble a handful of technicolor candy, as if tossed on the countertop by a child rummaging her pockets for greater treasures. Not that four or five choice morsels of sugary discs isn’t a treasure in its own right. Nor is it anything to scoff at when it takes the more grown up form of fully upholstered, round soft seating. Though to call them round doesn’t do Pix precise justice. In fact, they’re shaped like a slightly smooshed Skittle, just as if a giant had made a perfect posterior-sized indentation with a gentle press of the thumb.

Pix. Designed by Iwasaki Design Studio for Arper.

Interactive Seating in a Casual Environment

The great thing about Pix—and about Public Pouf-style seating in general—is that it’s great fun. This holds not only because Pix’s chosen color palette is a vivacious vibrato of reds, yellows, burgundies, and oranges, but also because the backless set-up lets you enjoy 360 degrees of commune with the world, which may not be the best thing if you’re the paranoid sort, but for most is a profound enrichment of the public environment. Arper casts it thusly, “the soft, generous volumes of Pix: a system of poufs that marries the Arper style with the creativity of the Iwasaki Design Studio. Pix provides a note of ease in interior design schemes for waiting or relaxation areas in collective or domestic settings.”

Arper and Iwasaki Design Studio Present Pix Public Seating
Arper and Iwasaki Design Studio Present Pix Public Seating

Surely those with a preference for privacy can appreciate said “notes of ease” in their domestic environment. Perhaps the candy-colored creativity of Pix will even persuade them to let their guard down and relish the good humor and aesthetic appeal of a seating arrangement that resembles a child’s confection.

Options for Pix include fabric and faux leather upholstery; one, three, or five seaters; and adjustable feet.

Via InteriorDesign.

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