Vibia Design’s Mini Sigma 0555

A&D fans of connections and correspondences strap yourselves in, because Vibia's Mini Sigma 0555 offers a cornucopia of same. This long and lovely desk lamp comes to us from the purveyors of the asynchronously serpentine Ameba Suspension Lamp, in collaboration with the renowned architectural force that is Lievore, Altherr, Molina (authors of 3rings favorites The Blog Table and Catifa 60 Lounge Chair), along with a bit of de-facto participation from the prolific Konstantin Grcic and the principle of cantilevered construction.

Mini Sigma 0555. Designed by Vibia.

The Enlightening Allure of the Slow Curve

Mathematicians and accountants alike will recognize the symbology of Sigma. Strictly speaking, the term refers to the 18th. letter of the Greek alphabet, traditionally used to denote summation of multiple factors and most often represented graphically as a kind of ultra angular capital E. This prompts speculation as to the shape of Sigma 0555.

In one reading, the Vibia lamp might represent a Sigma that had been pulled into full extension, its angles stretched out into a dynamic arc. A second meaning, however, characterizes Sigma as a semi-circular couch common to ancient Rome, an interpretation with special resonance in view of LAM's Mediterranean roots.

Vibia Design's Mini Sigma 0555
Vibia Design's Mini Sigma 0555

Of course, as with any name worthy of its referent product, the multiple meanings conspire towards a new and singular identity. Such is the case with the enigmatic Sigma 0555, whose sleek and streamlined silhouette will stretch across the length of your desk like the elongated tail of a platypus, or the coiled body of a cobra, or the introspective eye of some necky extraterrestrial. The difference is the absence of malevolent or disruptive intent. Quite the contrary, Sigma 0555 merely intends to provide pleasant and focused light, thus happily helping you along to your diurnal enlightenments and illuminations.

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