The Shortline Bathtub by Sanindusa

Bathing, for me, is often a dubious proposition. Don't take that the wrong way-what I mean to say is that, though I'm a regular and devoted showeree, I find baths to be over-rated-over-heating, "pruning-up," and bath-tub residue being the primary contributors to my derision. Though I'd be perfectly willing to embrace the potential delights of deluxe outdoor tubs like Vedeldat Badkar or Urushi's Lacquer Tub, should some beneficent manufacturer care to send one my way (hint, hint). Here's another offering that may expand my horizons when it comes to seated bathing: Sanindusa's Shortline Tub.

Shortline Bathtub. Designed by Sanindusa.

A Compact Bath to Save your Space

Lately familiar to 3rings readers for their line of WC Care Shower Enclosures, the company is the exemplar nonpareil for synthesizing aesthetic appeal with enhanced functionality. Shortline is a series of small acrylic tubs that economize your environs. That is to say, they take up precious few feet of floor space (better said, few feet of precious floor space), while facilitating easy entry and exit.

The Shortline Bathtub by Sanindusa
The Shortline Bathtub by Sanindusa

Combine this last feature with an anti-slip bottom, ergonomic seating, and streamlined side handles, and you have a tub that's a saving grace for users with special needs. Just as with WC Care, Shortline asserts that showers and tubs can be designed for this specific demographic and still be aesthetically appealing. Not only that, but Shortline might just get the pro-shower crowd to ease up a bit on their anti-bath stance: at a minimum, Shortline's detached faucet promises a clean and easy rinse. And the tub's modest confines will certainly cut down on residue buildup. Sizes for Shortline range from 1000×700 to 1000×750 to 1000×800 mm-each model small enough to save your space, yet large enough for you to find the right fit.

Posted December 27, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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