Konstantin Grcic’s Stupendous, Swiveling 360 Container

Konstantin Grcic is one of my favorite “go-to” designers. I say this not only because I love the sound of his name—and relish the odd juxtaposition of the harsh letters GRC—but also because his versatile Myto Chair is my favorite example of the cantilever principle. If I encounter a product that merely hints at this kind of structure, it’s off to Myto for comparison: the chair has become my Platonic emblem of “cantilever-ness.” In spite of my admiration for the piece, Grcic’s creative trajectory did not end with Myto, but in fact continues its ascendant arc. Early this year we looked at his 360 Stool, and I’d like to close the Grcic chapter of 2010 with a profile of the companion piece, the 360 Container.

360 Container. Designed by Konstantin Gricic.

Promising Storage From Every Angle

The 360 Container is the second in the 360 trilogy, which might imply that each product encompasses a mere 120 degrees. Thankfully, such is not the case, and the 360 Container’s innovation is owed to a swiveling drawer system that rotates through the full circumference created by the arc of your underwear (or shirts, or socks, or anything else you might wish to store in 360’s colorful tower of shelves). Manufacturer Magis goes succinct with their description of 360, humbly classifying it as “Drawer units on wheels. Available in two heights. Glossy ABS. Joining tube in aluminum.” I’d argue that the joie de vivre of 360—and all Grcic products in general—deserves a more spirited characterization than this J. Peterman-esque gloss. But perhaps neither Grcic nor Magis are ones to wax poetic, preferring to leave the proof to the pudding of 360’s intuitive functionality and intriguing aesthetic.

Konstantin Grcic's Stupendous, Swiveling 360 Container
Konstantin Grcic's Stupendous, Swiveling 360 Container

360’s rolling casters and swiveling drawers promise unending versatility—the piece allows you to indulge your propensities for compulsive re-arrangement, not to mention your desire to get at your things from any and all angles. On top of that—and just like the 360 stool—it’s good, clean fun. Because for yours truly, and most A&D aficionados, there’s no better formula than “innovative aesthetic + high function.” Grcic’s 360 Container passes the test of this equation with five flying colors.

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