Inspired by Paper: The “Folded” Tiles by Raw Edges for Mutina

It’s just like Mutina to bring in a simple texture reminiscent of a tactile surface from our past. In recent years, they’ve worked with Patricia Urquiola and created ceramic designs that use a gritty surface and interesting shapes, like an hexagon-shaped piece of a sandy beach. Now, in their most recent collaboration with the Raw Edges design duo from London, Mutina has brought “Folded” into their collection of tiles.

“Folded” Tiles. Designed by Raw Edges for Mutina.

Bring Texture Back to Your Bathroom with Modern “Folded” Ceramic Tiles by Raw Edges for Mutina

In their approach to what folded paper might look like transposed onto a flat tile surface made from ceramic, Mutina’s latest design – released at the Cersaie Show in Bologna, Italy this fall – contains subtle geometric shapes. It takes me back to elementary school, when perfect origami shapes created triangles and squares that could never have occurred with a pencil or scissors. Besides the Asian origami influence, this “Folded” tile design is reminiscent of geometric tile designs from the Egypt and quite a bit of the modern, worldwide Western idea that subtle and modern design is beautiful.

Inspired by Paper: The
Inspired by Paper: The

The designers of Raw Edges, the firm that collaborated with Mutina on this design, are two Israeli designers named Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay. According to their past experience in design, the fact that folded paper was used to inspire this Folded tile is no fluke. In fact, they are not new to experimenting with paper at all. They say that this unglazed homogenous porcelain stoneware draws much of its look and feel from the ceramic floor designs widespread in Tel Aviv in the 50s and 60s.

Ideal for bathroom spaces, delicate shadows dance on each Folded tile creating a memorable texture that gives your white floor design the natural effect you desire.

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