Factory Friday: Medium Coffee Table by Joel Edmondson and Paul Choate

Like a visual ode to the perfect plain t-shirts that are just soft enough, long enough and slim enough, this week’s StyleFactory product dives right into what we appreciate so much about a design that works with everything we got. The Medium Coffee Table is it’s name, and it’s not trying to be anything but the solid, central piece to your interior wardrobe.

Medium Coffee Table. Designed by Joel Edmondson and Paul Choate.

Modern, Green and Affordable. The Medium Coffee Table by the StyleFactory Team. Vote Today!

Designed by Joel Edmondson and Paul Choate, the Creative Director and Creative Scout of the StyleFactory Team themselves, the table was designed with a matching Small Side Table (that is also up for a vote this week!). It is created with high quality FSC walnut or bamboo made in collaboration with a Savannah-based eco-friendly design studio and furniture maker. Not only is it lovely with all of its green power, but it’s also functional. As you can see, the Medium Coffee Table contains a half-full approach to design – literally – since right about at the middle of the unit is a large drawer, while the other side remains open shelving. This feature helps clean up duty, allowing your room be more efficiently tidied when guests pop over for a visit or even to transform the space from your child’s play area to a more clean, modern look. If you thought all of these options tipped the scale for you, it’s been priced at just $850 just to make sure you fall in love at first sight.

Factory Friday: Medium Coffee Table by Joel Edmondson and Paul Choate
Factory Friday: Medium Coffee Table by Joel Edmondson and Paul Choate

Thanks to StyleFactory’s own duo of designers, the Medium Coffee Table – and it’s matching little Small Side Table buddy – in their warm tones and solid resume of smart design elements are prepared to be just the right size and shape to accent everything else in your home.

If  you feel the Medium Coffee Table by Joel Edmondson and Paul Choate deserves your vote, click here!

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