Factory Friday: Elevated Table by Steve Lukes

If you've ever been the type to wear a plain white crewneck t-shirt, a pair of perfect fitting denim jeans, and a some shoes with just a touch of high fashion, then you might be the type to see the purpose of having a table like the Elevated Table in your living area.

Elevated Table. Designed by Steve Lukes.

The refined straight lines of a tiny, mixed-media table by designer Steve Lukes is to a style-oriented minimalist as the ornate spires of La Sagrada Familia are to a environmentalist Catholic: a breath of fresh air. So in what StyleFactory calls a "ghostly brushed steel" due to its subtle coloring and structure, the Elevated Table works into any modern design space. A top layer made from fiberboard and beech wood, the hovering - or as Lukes calls it, "elevated" - element of the design comes from the appearance of the flat, floating top.

Factory Friday: Elevated Table by Steve Lukes

Tracing his background to architecture and industrial design, it is clear that San Diego-based Lukes uses his materials as a form of expression. No elaboration of coloring or decoration necessary, the design reminds me of Blu Dot's design mentality that consistently spells out how "good design is good". It's plain and simple. Since this Elevated Table design is handmade from brushed steel, beech, fiberboard, and acrylic paint in California, it is clear that Steve Lukes shares the same ideals in bringing out class in simple, beautiful designs.

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Posted December 3, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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