Elica’s Stainless Steel Twin Vent Hood

Those of you who read my recent post on Bulthaup’s Wing-Slat Air Extractor know of my problems with all that is not succulent and savory with the process of cooking. I refer to the sometime noxious odors and often unsightly and greasy depositions that emerge from all that is fried, baked, sautéed, and boiled. Bulthaup’s answer to this pollution of the kitchen is a recti-linear air extractor hung upon the thinnest of cables, while Elica‘s solution begins from the ceiling down with the very same, yet ends with a cylindrical vent hood that beams over the proceedings like a beneficent halo.

Elica’s Twin Vent Hood.

A Stainless Steel Extractor with a Floating Appearance

The diameter of the elegant circle etched in the air by this twin vent hood is a hefty 36 inches—I’d say that’s just about right to capture any rising odors that need capturing. It’s also voluminous enough to operate at up to 700 cubic feet per minute, meaning it pulls enough air for heavy duty/industrial applications, or for just particularly enlivened residential kitchens, as many are just now, with the height of seasonal festivities nigh upon us.

Elica's Stainless Steel Twin Vent Hood

The hood has several attributes that increase its functionality quotient: four halogen lamps to shine the proverbial light on your coq au vin; a filter system to cleanse the air of the particular redolence of same; and an assortment of washable anodized-aluminum-mesh filters. This is a particular boon for neatniks and obsessive types—and everyone knows that any good chef worth his/her salt is a slave to cleanliness. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that the environ-cleaning propensity and the sleek, stainless, and sculptural look give Elica’s Twin Vent Hood the one-two punch needed to suck away odors in high style.

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