Alain Monnen’s Tube Pendant Lamp

If you’re looking for some minimalist lighting that duplicates the look of an old standby while presenting some modern panache, look no further than Alain Monnen’s Tube. Designed for Belgian manufacturer Toss B, Tube is a no-frills affair that pares the pendant lamp down to its essence. In this case, that means a 36 or 58 Watt fluorescent lamp made with the simplistic materials palette of “brushed aluminum, sandblasted synthetic materials, and an integrated dimmer switch.” Given Tube’s distinctive functionality—in contrast to traditional fluorescents, the light “produces a very agreeable and comfortable light”—I’d like to know more about these “sandblasted synthetics.”

Tube. Designed by Alain Monnen.

Functional Lighting with Minimalistic Appeal

Alas, it seems both manufacturer and designer have elected to remain mum on this particular score. Though no further info. is forthcoming on exactly how Monnens has managed to transform the banal buzz of tubular fluorescent lighting into a soft, even glow, we do know the world seems to appreciate the achievement. Monnens has recieved laurels from both the 4 Annual Design Competition of West Flanders (Best Product Design) and the Red Dot Design Award.

Alain Monnen's Tube Pendant Lamp

Alain Monnen's Tube Pendant Lamp
Tube Pendant Lamp, suspended fixture, Alain Monnens

These accolades are hardly surprising. Like the recent Circle Hook Light by Taylor Levy, Tube transforms a strictly utilitarian object into an aesthetically appealing and versatile fixture. The piece would look great in any environment that has retro appeal—I picture it in spaces whose structure is on display (high-ceilinged lofts and converted warehouses), as well as locales that require reliable ambient light and a versatile, stylish aesthetic: exactly like this Belgian hair salon where Tube reliably shines the light on an assortment of cool new dos.

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