Turn up the Heat with SolTech Glass Tiles

We’ve all heard about the economics term “glass ceiling” used to describe negative situations. Another negative situation that actually benefits our cash flow is what SolTech has developed: a glass roof. It’s an innovative tile system that uses modular shingles to supply your home with heat.

SolTech Glass Tiles.

Sounds like a solar panel, doesn’t it? Well, instead of placing it on top of your roof, you just use it as your roof altogether. The glass tiles are backed by a base layer of black nylon canvas that helps attract and absorb the heat from the sun. It then transmits the heat into the air between the set of transparent tiles, and heats up water that is piped into an accumulator. This mechanism then transfers the stored heat right into the system of your home.

Turn up the Heat with SolTech Glass Tiles

SolTech is aware that many people would scoff at the idea of using glass on their roofs instead of the more conventional clay or concrete tiles. Skeptics, prepare yourself… after numerous tests, they claim their glass tiles have been proven to have a longer life span than both clay and concrete. Since the glass is UV resistant and does not erode as easily as clay or concrete, their beefed up resume is destined for success as one of the best ways to conserve and limit energy consumption by using the power of sunshine. In addition to the pleasant thought of lower energy bills and a contribution to the environment, the tiles dovetail with terra cotta tiles. This additional bit of information is most useful for those who have homes with only partial sunlight. You can tile the portions of you roof that receive the most, and leave the rest in terra cotta.

After the SolTech glass tile design received the Hottest New Material 2010 award in Sweden this year, there is no doubt if its quality holds true, it may be the latest and greatest solution to solar energy power to date.

Via H20 Visions by Kohler and Inhabitat.

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