Style Factory: Op Chair by Katy Skelton

A Texan with a worldly vision for socially responsible furniture has come up with a classy lounge chair design for Style Factory this week. Her name is Katy Skelton, and her Op Lounge chair design has actually renewed my search for the pair of perfect black boots to match this picturesque seat. 

Op Chair. Designed by Katy Skelton.

The perfect combination of angles and a graphic, black and white print jumps out at you, spelling comfort and sophistication at the same time. Its frame is made out of a solid red oak wood that combines simple contour lines with a dark twist on uniformity. Together with a slightly reclined appearance, it is possibly the perfect chair to enjoy a morning coffee that doubles as a cocktail party post for sipping a glass of wine. 

Style Factory: Op Chair by Katy Skelton
Style Factory: Op Chair by Katy Skelton

A top priority for Skelton is social responsibility. Due to her experience after she finished an undergraduate degree  in Advertising, Skelton visited factories around the world while designing furniture. These experiences abroad opened her eyes up to production, quality, and the price we pay for both. So prior to creating the Op Chair, Skelton knew that creating a solid piece of furniture that respected each stage of its journey was important to her. 

The Op Chair is a great size, measuring in at 25″w x 34″d x 33″h and would be an absolute vision with my imaginary Black Friday purchase of new boots if I had the courage to forge the frenzied flood of consumers!

If you’re looking for a refreshing new way to spice up your living room or lobby seating, make sure you vote for it this week at Style Factory, or by simply clicking here!

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