Streamline your Storage with Planit’s Split Sink

Design fans out there know that the part suggests the whole, that something as simple and potentially non-descript as a bathroom sink can be a suggestive blueprint of sorts for an entire house. No one knows this better than Italian manufacturer Planit. This company likes to think of its bathroom products as jewels of good design: "we have adapted them to your requirements transforming them in products and trying to imagine them as you have dreamt... we have invested time and energy in order to make them absolutely perfect." Since Planit and everyone else seems to intuit that God (and incipient inspiration) is in the details, it’s fitting to consider the germinating potential of Planit’s Split Sink.

Split Sink. Designed by Planit.

A Washbasin with Room to Spare

Just as the part suggests the whole, so might we extrapolate this savvy space-saver into a fully realized, light-filled, and environmentally-conscious home. The washbasin/countertop/storage space preserves the traditional function of the sink while imparting a handful of new ones. The product’s enhanced utility is best exemplified with the eye-catching red cordura handle at sink’s left—a simple tug should suffice to usher in a new era of horizontal storage, in which the formerly dead space of the vanity surface becomes a place to store your bath accoutrements.

Streamline your Storage with Planit's Split Sink

Another virtue of Planit’s Split Sink is that it’s easy to integrate onto many surfaces. Its raised structure and light weight let you install smack dab atop a low bookcase, for instance, as shown in Planit’s product pics. This is a godsend for small spaces because it helps them break free from the traditional distinctions; it thus allows, for instance, a living room to double as a wash-up station, or a bathroom vanity to incorporate storage space for books. The Split horizontal storage feature also eliminates the perpetual eyesore of the wall-mounted medicine cabinet—often a necessary evil that, especially in small bathrooms, is notorious for occupying precious air space.

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Posted November 8, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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