Other-Worldly Illumination Courtesy of spHaus and the E.T. Lamp

spHaus’ E.T. Lamp by designer Filippo Dell’Orto offers some intriguing comparisons to earlier products on 3rings. Namesake E.T. Table, for instance, shares its affinity for extraterrestrial evocation, while aesthetic compatriot The Outsider Lamp joins in its periscopic peregrinations. That is to say, both of the tall standing lamps look as if they’re peering in upon some lesser life form, in order to learn a thing or two, one might surmise, about how the relatively compromised cerebellums of Home Sapiens Sapiens processes its version of reality. But while The Outsider is big and bulky, spHaus’ E.T. is elegant and delicate—as long as the languorous curve of a giraffe’s arching neck.

E.T. Lamp. Designed by Filippo Dell’Orto.

A Floor Bound Reading Lamp in Powder Coated Steel

Readers will (hopefully) remember that the Spielbergian E.T. to which spHaus’ lamp makes reference was originally perceived as unsightly, yet it took but the mere insight of a child to read him for what he really was—wise, compassionate, and—yes—beautiful. While the E.T. Lamp is in a different league, aesthetically speaking, one appreciates the comparison. The look of the piece is somewhat unorthodox, bearing comparison not only to the gangly but dexterous giraffe, but also the long-legged stork, the many-antennaed walking stick. This is beauty of a different sort, one whose extraordinary functionality reveals a fitting form.

Other-Worldly Illumination Courtesy of spHaus and the E.T. Lamp
Other-Worldly Illumination Courtesy of spHaus and the E.T. Lamp

Just so, the E.T. Lamp’s long, lovely neck and cylindrical head sketch out the sublime silhouette of the comeliest stick figure I’ve ever seen, conspiring all the while to get directed light up over the reader’s shoulders and onto his/her concurrent fount of illumination—leather-bound volume, magazine, or Kindle, whichever it may be.

Select Sphaus’ PAR30 100w halogen bulb E.T. Lamp from among the manufacturers’ staid yet pertinent palette of orange, black, silver, or light blue.

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