Old-Fashioned Lamp with a Modern Glow: The Lanterna by Vertigo Bird

Some of us wish we could go back to the days of raising our own crops, riding horses, and building our homes with help of our loved ones. Others wish for solar-powered cars, bio farms, and someday moving the human race to another planet. Then there are those of us in between. If you’re like me – a balance seeker – you value the Lanterna from Vertigo Bird for the very reasons I want Flicka and beans in my backyard and a solar-powered flying scooter in the front.

The Lanterna. Designed Bevk Perović Arhitekti by Vertigo Bird.

See the Light with Lanterna by Bevk Perović Arhitekti for Vertigo Bird

Said to be a portable table/floor light, the Lanterna possesses spartan qualities reminiscent of times past. It appears to be a kerosene lamp with a long bent handle to take you and evening wherever it shall go. The futuristic side of the Lanterna is appearance with the contour lines, four different handle shapes to choose from and four color schemes.

The designer of Lanterna, Bevk Perović Arhitekti, is an architecture and design firm based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2009, Bevk Perović Arhitekti won the Plečnik Medal for 3 private houses – House HB, House K and House D. This comes after a long list of nominations, a Red Dot Design award, and many others. Seen as a growing nucleus for design located just beyond the Italian/Slovenian border, Ljubljana also houses Vertigo Bird’s European headquarters.

Old-Fashioned Lamp with a Modern Glow: The Lanterna by Vertigo Bird
Old-Fashioned Lamp with a Modern Glow: The Lanterna by Vertigo Bird

The metal and glass Lanterna lamp can be fixed or portable, occupying counter space in your kitchen, living room floor, or my personal favorite, on the night stand. Opt for a handle in a semicircular, circular, triangular, or square shape and add your choice of four different color schemes – white, black, orange or steel blue – to take the customization one step further.

However and wherever this Lanterna lamp may go, it can be seen as both modern and vintage in style – suiting each and every one of our glowing preferences.

Via MocoLoco.

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