Maak Duo Cabinet Joins Modern and Antique

Balance and contrast are two vital concepts in design. Too much contrast and a design can seem disjointed and messy. When a design is well balanced, ideas can be challenged and boundaries pushed, but the end result is satisfying and harmonious. In Chinese philosophy, yin yang is used to describe how polar or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. The saying that opposites attract is a reduced version of this concept, which proves itself in many walks of life.

Duo. Designed by Maak.

An Antique Cabinet with a Modern Twist

Duo is a cabinet which plays off the idea of yin yang by bringing together designs from both ultra modern and antique. Consisting of an old cabinet and a minimalist cabinet, Duo interlocks the two designs to create a harmonious piece. “Within today’s busy society, the human needs memories, affection and rustic accents from the past. “Maak” transforms inherited furniture into a modern design without losing its value and fits in the modern interiors of today.” – designspotter

Maak is a creative agency that explores design through interiors, window dressings, set design, event decoration, and furniture. Their designs are contemporary and innovative, but also function and durable. Robbert Ramaekers and Roger Renshaw are the designers who “leave their brains to work on new, unique designs and assess how the product can be made.” The focus of Maak is the thinking behind the design.

via Designspotter

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