Luxit’s Top Four Sends LEDs to New Heights

FDV Group and Luxit were so excited about the recent “Top Four” lamp that they decided to demonstrate its great capacity for illumination at Milan’s Fondazione Durini, a locale, which, incidentally happens to be the Durini Palace as well. The digs possess an ambiance of dark veneration—high ceilings, thick doors of dark wood, stone floors and the like—quite befitting an Italian palazzo, and apropos of illustrating the great appeal of the “innovative lamp designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Notari.”

Top Four. Designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Notari.

An Led Task Lamp with Excellent Light Emission

Top Four grew from Luxit’s larger Top Ten. The smaller version offers excellent quality light for both ambient purposes and spot-lighting functions. The display at the palazzo showcased Top Four’s high functionality while having a bit of fun at the expense of the frequently pretentious rituals of art exhibits: Luxit displayed several of the lamps in various positions on podiums beneath blown-up photos of same. This unorthodox presentation seems to have had the desired effect on attendees—while the real live versions of Top Four (in all six colors) demonstrated the high output and versatility of the piece, the oversized photos showcased the innovative aesthetic. And the subsequent illumination of the palace’s dark halls and galleries brought the central point home: that a long-lived (50,000 hrs), energy efficient, portable, and convenient task lamp can yet provide quite a punch—the equivalent of 60 incandescent watts, to be precise.

Top Four’s diffuser is a spotlight style in painted extruded aluminum, and the covering is thermoplastic. Available colors include white, black red, green, blue, and yellow.

Luxit's Top Four Sends LEDs to New Heights

Luxit's Top Four Sends LEDs to New Heights

Luxit's Top Four Sends LEDs to New Heights

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