Kompass Auditorium Seating by EOOS and Matteograssi

If you ever happen to be in Asheville, NC of a lazy Saturday afternoon, do yourself a favor and head South on Hendersonville to the Carolina Cinema, but be sure to request the film in the theater with the Lounge seating. Worlds apart from your typical rigid, plastic-shell movie chairs, the seating in this auditorium is oversized, plush, luxuriant leather (about 25 seats in the whole auditorium). I love the concept (and the experience), but if your venue calls for a similar comfort level yet more spectators per square inch and, hence, closer seating, you could do no wrong with Eoos’ latest Konfiguration they like to call Kompass. An ingenious modular system that re-defines the term “low profile,” Kompass presents with a monoblock form that makes it look like a low leather wall, yet a simple touch parts seat from back, thus folding down to reveal some of the sleekest auditorium seating this (or that) side of the Atlantic.

Kompass. Designed by EOOS for Matteograssi.

Spacious Aisles and Expansive Stadium Seating

In the closed position, Kompass appears geometric and archetypal. The individual pieces actually remind me of the primal form of the omniscient monolith from 2001. Matteograssi describes the dusky enfilade of closed seating units as “low walls composed of archaic leather elements, structuring the room in an almost architectural way.” The manufacturer also makes much of Kompass’ jutting inclination: “Since these walls bend forward slightly, Kompass gives a positive gesture of attention towards the presenter on stage.” Though they may trick you into thinking you’re standing at a tilt (or that the earth has been tipped on its axis), once you get your sea legs, you’ll appreciate Kompass’ subtly angular disposition. The row of seats seem poised in anticipation, as if they were all eager ears, awaiting the speaker’s crystalline droplets of wisdom. Once opened, however, the seats level out—this gives users a more staid and suspicious posture that perhaps challenges the lecturer to deliver the goods.

Kompass Auditorium Seating by Eoos and Matteograssi

One great advantage of Kompass is the sense of spaciousness it gives to any hall or conference center. The ease with which the seats fold up and away not only creates the functional boon of easy pedestrian passage through the rows, but also the psychological advantage of an uncluttered landscape. That, and the comfort of large chairs and even larger armrests, sets Kompass apart from most auditorium seating.

The Kompass modules link together for easy expansion. At client request, EOOS will create customized armrest elements to allow for arced or circular arrangements.

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