Factory Friday: Mozambique Desk by Matt Hurley

An exotic use of wood veneer and stainless steel, this week’s StyleFactory desk is named after its source – the Mozambique Desk – capitalizes on its depth. We’re not talking simply the deep, dark shade of Mozambique veneer here, it’s also about profound space. Something we go without when often adding modern pieces to our otherwise conventional office arrangements.

Mozambique Desk. Designed by Matt Hurley.

Modular Space Saving Desk

The dual-force file cabinet/desk creation was the prodigal idea of designer Matt Hurley. With the Mozambique Desk, there’s practically no way to keep clutter on your surface because the storage offered is confidently incomparable. Eight total drawers that are as long and wide as architectural columns without crowding your leg space? It’s a powerful use of space that probably doesn’t overcrowd like a thin desk using separate shelving and filing.

Factory Friday: Mozambique Desk by Matt Hurley
Factory Friday: Mozambique Desk by Matt Hurley
Factory Friday: Mozambique Desk by Matt Hurley

However, if separation is what you prefer… the Mozambique transforms in the blink of an eye. Complimented with a shimmering stainless steel accenting its warm-hued wood, the Mozambique Desk goes from a hefty-legged desk including storage to its sleek, stainless steel desk standing apart from the matching file cabinets. Whatever combination you choose with the Mozambique Desk, it’s modularity makes it continuously open to interpretation.

To make movement even easier, Hurley set his desk on hidden wheels. Modern in form? Perhaps not. But innovative and adaptable to change? I think so. In fact, a comment on the Mozambique Desk seems to epitomize the resounding reaction to its functional elements, with Phillip saying “I love to see pieces that not only look good but give the user options on how they use and present it.”

To vote for the Mozambique Desk to go into production, click here!

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