Divide and Conquer with a Nola Star Partition

Nola Star is one of those decorations for your home that everyone wants to take the credit for, even if they’re not exactly new to the market. Personally, I see them as serene floating glass tiles displayed in no particular pattern. The panels create a hanging piece of art that, according to the bonluxat post where I discovered it, the sheets of tinted, matte white, and transparent tiles can also be used “as a curtain, as wall paneling, as a room divider or as a transparent accent element in large and small rooms”.

Room Divider. Designed by Nola Star.

Stay Colorful with a Nola Star Room Divider

Multi-functional? Most definitely. Well-designed? Absolutely. It’s made by a German company after all. Nola Star was designed by Ana Matjér and Oliver Schneider, and is manufactured by the Royal Family_design labor comapny. Nola Star has a website – that will have you wishing you understood German a bit better than to order a bratwurst and beer Munich – but it showcases the many inspiring designs of their individual panels. Because the truth about the Nola Star Room Divider is that you design it yourself. No instruction manual is included, so whatever height, width, and colors you prefer are fair game.
Divide and Conquer with a Nola Star Partition
Divide and Conquer with a Nola Star Partition
Plastic panels of 0.5 mm-thickness measure into a 20 cm x 20 cm module, creating the very basic beginnings to the Nola Star. Then using the holes in the rounded square corners, small metal rings connect each of the petite panels together like a stained glass window. No rules, no fuss, and you end up with a lovely modern sheet of colorful plastic to modify and enhance your space when you choose. Or as bonluxat says, you’ll be “forming spineless columns, which can be hung in conventional curtain tracks” that can then be “folded together and pushed to the side”.

The Nola Star divider comes in separate elements consisting of transparent, white matte, and colored transparent panels in red, orange, blue, or green and to act like a walking billboard for the day after Thanksgiving shopping (which I adamently oppose), this is a great idea for the hard-to-buy-for this upcoming holiday season.

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